Wyndham Garden Grove in Anaheim South Asian Wedding Shruti & Gopi


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Shruti and Gopi were united in a traditional Indian wedding on the grounds of the Wyndham Garden Grove Hotel in Anaheim, California. The bride, groom, and all the participants in the wedding wore traditional Indian garb and the venue was appropriately decorated which made the experience even more memorable for everyone. The happy couple managed to see each other before the event began and spent the time playfully dancing and posing for photographs before the ceremony started.

The wedding ceremony itself was incredible to behold as the guests filled the event room that were clapping, dancing, and celebrating this wonderful union. Gopi entered wearing traditional Indian garb where he waited for his bride Shruti who entered shortly afterward. The union of Shruti and Gopi was something to behold as the families joined together in a wonderful ceremony that captured the traditions of Indian culture while highlighting the love that Shruti and Gopi held for each other. It was not long before the couple was united and proceed down the aisle to the reception. The couple managed to change for the reception which featured plenty of dancing, clapping, and happiness as Shruti and Gopi celebrated with family and friends in the wonderful venue provided by the Wyndham Garden Grove Hotel.


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