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The Sangreet and traditional Indian wedding of Sonia and Ankit was something very special to behold. Their family and friends gathered to start the celebration at the Sangreet the night before the wedding at the beautifully located Diamond Bar Center located atop a hill that offers an incredible view of the surrounding area.

With decorations and attire in the traditional Indian style, the Sangreet began with the couple on top of the shoulders of family and friends placing necklaces of flowers on each other. This was followed by plenty of dancing and celebrating inside the center which brought smiles and tears of joy from those who attended.

The celebration ended with the happy couple surrounded by friends all laughing, cheering, and anticipating the wedding that would take place the next day.

Diamond Bar Center

This incredible venue offers several large rooms for all types of events that include Sangreet as well as weddings if the occasion calls for it. The 14,000 square feet of space available for such events combined with the stunning architecture and magnificent view made this location ideal for the Sangreet of Sonia and Ankit. So, it’s no surprise that they friendly, courteous staff of the Diamond Bar Center offers the same for your events to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


The wedding itself started with the preparations of the bride, Sonia who wore a beautiful traditional Indian dress with her hands covered in henna. Her face was lit up with the anticipation of the big day as she was being readied for the wedding ceremony. The same was true for Ankit who also was being dressed by his father in the traditional Indian manner before riding in on a horse during the wedding processional. The sheer joy of the moment was captured by the friends and family who danced and sang alongside Ankit as he was led to the wedding itself.

Sonia was there radiating the joy of the moment as she and Ankit walked up to the wedding ceremony together.

At the reception, the couple walked into the company of their family and friends to perform their first dance together as man and wife. It was not long before they were joined by everyone else in celebration of their beautiful moment together. For Sonia and Ankit, this was the two-day experience that they will never forget.

Westridge Golf Club in La Habra, California

The stunning Westridge Golf Club offers excellent packages for wedding events on their grounds as both indoor and outdoor areas are available. You can plan your wedding event for 20 up to 500 guests all seated comfortably to help create an unforgettable event.

The sizable Lakeview Ballroom offers a traditional area for weddings that provides modern space with an incredible backdrop filled with waterfalls and fountains while the Westridge Room offers a closer, more intimate feel that was perfect for the wedding of Sonia and Ankit. In addition, the use of art custom lighting and audio-visual equipment provides the best experience for those who are planning their wedding like Sonia and Ankit.

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