Wedding Cinematography Raw Footages

Raw footage is best defined as unedited footage taken straight from the events of your wedding. It is simply the footage of your wedding before it has been edited, which is why it doesn’t feature any color correction, video cuts, off camera audio or music. In the weeks following your wedding, your videographer will carefully edit the raw footage in order to create an all-inclusive package of edited video complete with adjusted lighting, music, audio, graphics and more. This is the finished product that you will want to send out to your family and friends to commemorate your special day.

While most of our clients only want to see the final edited version, a few people would like to have a copy of the unedited raw footage. Given that we shoot in cinematic style and raw footage isn’t for viewing purposes, it may not all make sense without editing. This is why we suggest you have the edits done by a professional before you view your wedding film. Please note that we don’t perform revisions on video after the final product has been delivered.

Raw footage fee is $1000, and since raw footage can be extremely lengthy, it is delivered to the newly married couple in an external hard drive. It’s recommended that you load the data to your computer or create a backup as soon as you receive the raw footage just in case the hard drive happens to fail in the future. If you experience any problems with your hard drive, you can contact us within 10 days after you receive it and we will replace a new one for you.

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