Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement Pictures in Los Angeles by Aaroneye Photography

Who knew that planning for an engagement photography can be such a pain? If you’re spending  a couple of days looking around Los Angeles for that perfect location for Engagement Session, try Walt Disney Concert Hall.

I Looked at Walt Disney Concert Hall engagement pictures and got excited about all the possibilities. Just like in wedding photography, uniqueness is important in engagement photography. This is why it’s so exciting to see that no two pictures were alike.

Planning for the engagement photography session was such a breeze. It was pleasantly surprised when the guards even smiled at us while the pictures were taken. We were under the impression that being a popular landmark, the staff of the Walt Disney Concert Hall will be strict. That wasn’t the case. They even congratulated us lol.

They just had one simple request – not the use the sun shields. But hey, it was a beautiful day and the sun graced us with their beautiful sunlight that bounced off the walls. With the stainless steel curves of the imposing landmark, it worked beautifully to my advantage as they were provided with natural light.

In addition to the natural light provided, the architecture of the landmark also provided an amazing background. It’s always a good idea to have focus on one venue for the engagement and wedding photography, but we went around downtown on foot just to shoot a couple more pictures. Yes, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is that beautiful for engagement photography and I highly recommend this place.

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