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Laguna Beach is trustly a nice location to shoot Engagement Session if you’re looking for a beach theme. Kisses and Tito chose their Engagement Photo Shoot location to be Victoria Beach. This place is beautiful and if you’re into beach/sky/nature images, I highly recommend this place for your engagement photo session. Sky shots are a little bit tricky, but with right lighting knowledge and editing skills these shots can easily be done. Engagement photo locations should be chosen in collaboration with your photographer so that they showcase your personality as a couple, surround you with beautiful scenery, create opportunities for intimate moments with the camera, and capitalize on your location in the world. One of our favorite spots for engagement photos is a sweet, serene ocean-side location called Victoria Beach.

Beaches offer a unique brightness and airy quality in photographs and we love to watch couples open up and enjoy their natural surroundings in front of the camera. Whether you’re an outdoorsy couple who loves to explore, hike, swim, and be in nature or you’re simply content to cuddle up by a bonfire and watch the sun set over the water, Victoria Beach can showcase your love connection in your natural setting. Dig your toes in and draw messages on the sand and enjoy beautiful time together while we capture your love story in portraits.

Movement can transform boring portraits into living pieces of art that you’ll cherish for years. We love to capture the vivacity of waves crashing onto the sand in the background and you simply can’t beat the romantic view of an authentic California sunset slowly laying over Victoria Beach. Climb up to the top of the Victoria Beach turret tower to capture breathtaking portraits together and you’ll also make memories to last a lifetime. Best of all, the beach is quite secluded and tends to be more quiet than other tourist filled spots so you’ll feel more comfortable to open up and really enjoy your time together. See this couple’s wedding at Mission Inn Riverside!

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