Vibiana Wedding in Los Angeles

Vibiana Weddings in Los Angeles is a spectacular event for the ages. Vibiana weddings are so unique and special because the venue supports a wide range of design concepts and personal touches in order to create a one of a kind wedding. Indian weddings are welcome at the Vibiana LA with ample courtyard space for outdoor festivities as well as a beautiful interior area for continuing celebration.

The Vibiana Los Angeles was founded as the city’s first Archdiocese Catholic cathedral and it stands in the historic core of thriving downtown. There’s a rootedness to the space and you can’t beat the opportunity for a vintage wedding in a venue as beautiful as this. Modern touches and amazing renovations also lend a hand to modern, stylized weddings as well and with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can turn an ancient building into a completely new space.

The continuous white marble offers an unmatched level of brightness and airiness to the space and, unlike some other darker venues, the space can handle bold pops of color. Part of what makes Vibiana wedding photos so brilliant is the built-in contrast and textural highlights. Into the evening, the white walls become canvases for color as lights catch in the ornate curves of carved decoration and the high arched ceiling becomes your very own art piece. Go bold with intense lighting, sharp, bright colors, and clean contrasts and you’ll see that The Vibiana wedding venue really can make all of your wedding dreams come true.


Sample Vibiana Wedding 1


Sample Vibiana Wedding 2


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