Tips for Indian Brides to Look Good in Front of the Camera

Tips for Indian Brides to Look Good in Front of the Camera

Your wedding day is one that will be filled with joy, happiness, and plenty of photographs. From getting prepared for the wedding through the reception, you can expect plenty of photographs and video to be taken. For the Indian bride who wants to look her best, the secret to making the most of your time in front of the camera starts well before the big day.

Looking good in front of the camera starts by being as relaxed as possible well before you wedding day. This will mean doing the little things that will build up over time until the big day arrives. While feeling a little fear is natural, you do not want to let it build up as the day approaches. Instead, use that feeling to help motivate your actions so you can look your best on that day.

Finish Your Major Preparations a Few Weeks in Advance

You should set a goal of having everything major covered for your wedding two to three weeks in advance. While there will always be other things that need addressing, finalizing the wedding with the caterer, photographer, venue operator, and others should be done by then.

Once you have completed the major work, reward yourself with a day at the spa or go to the salon. This will help you relax and overcome any building anxieties. By taking time for yourself, you can be more relaxed on the big day.

Consume Ubtans

Ubtans help the skin to glow and will help you feel better as well. Starting a few weeks before your wedding ceremony, take one ubtan with 2 teaspoons of basin, a pinch of turmeric powder, and a drop or two of lime juice and mix it with some milk. Drink it every other day before your wedding and your skin will benefit.

Talk to the Photographer

When you book your photographer, you should go over the basics of where they are going to take photographs. There will be the traditional pre-wedding and post-wedding photos and you will need to discuss what to expect during the wedding itself. For the rehearsal, invite the photographer to show up and see where is the best place for them to be.

In addition, you’ll want to go over any other photo opportunities so that you can be mentally prepared for where your picture will be taken. In addition, you can discuss places to take some of your photos so you can be even more prepared.


Perhaps the best advice is to relax so that any tension or worry does not show in your face. After all, there are many chances the photographer will have to take multiple photos. So, if the first one doesn’t work out, there is always another chance. Remember to work with your photographer so that you can get the most out of each and every photograph.

For Indian brides, you have a lot going for you with the beautiful dress, makeup, and setting that will make being photographed an enjoyable experience. By doing just a little preparation ahead of time, you can look your absolute best being photographed on this joyous day.


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