Sikh Wedding Photography Rupi Vikram At Huntington Beach Hyatt By Aaroneye Photography


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We shot Rupi & Vikram’s Sikh Wedding on Saturday at Huntington Beach Hyatt, what a beautiful hotel! It was  filled with zest and vibrancy and in fact the truth is that no wedding can bring the kind of excitement and flavor that a wedding of this kind can. Please visit our Facebook Page for more Indian Wedding Pictures. The only thing is I got Sun Burn lol but I applied Aloe on my back = works like a charm<3

Event Planner: Sandy Kaushal
Day of Wedding Coordination – Wendy Dahl
Videography: Robles Video
DJ/Lighting: Legacy DJ
Makeup Artist: Jacqueline Gonzalez
Mendhi: Lishma Patel
There was traditional Sikh rituals, including that of traditional Sikh music and all the merriment possible. In Sikh weddings, a special wedding ceremony is held and the couple getting married unites and vows to spend the rest of their lives with each other. This event is filled with festivities and there is great pomp and show on display.

This kind of a marriage is almost always performed in what is known as a Gurudwara. In case it is not held in a Gurudwara, then it would be held in a place where there is the Holy Book of the Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib.

It is important to note that these wedding rituals are never held in a marriage hall or in a hotel. Almost always, the religious wedding ceremony will take place in the morning and it will not last for more than a few hours. This is because this kind of a wedding ceremony is not as elaborate as the kind seen in Hindu weddings. This kind of wedding ceremony is really a very simple one and it will always only center around religious practices. For a wedding ceremony of this kind, the customs and rituals play an extremely important role.

What makes a Sikh Wedding unique?

A marriage of this kind is extremely unique due to the fact that it does not have to be solemnized in the presence of a priest. This marriage can very simply be conducted with the Holy Book of the Sikhs being present and a woman or a man reciting various required verses from the Holy Book, in the presence of the couple to be married.

Also, the bridegroom and the bride would need to take 4 rounds around the Guru Granth Sahib. Plus, another reason why such a marriage is unique is due to the fact that there is no specific time that needs to be set for the marriage – unlike the case in most Hindu weddings, where a certain auspicious time is set for the marriage to take place. Thus, though this kind of marriage is mostly held in the morning, it could also be held in the night.

What takes place prior to a Sikh Wedding

Before the actual wedding, there is an engagement ceremony that may be performed by both, the family of the bride, as well as the family of the groom. But, it is not mandatory that this ceremony should be done.

In case there is an engagement ceremony that is going to be carried out, it is normally done at the house of the groom or else it is carried out in a Gurudwara. This ceremony will comprise of the following:

  • Ardas, this is a Sikh prayer
  • Kirtans, these are hymns
  • Langer, a meal

In this ceremony, the groom will be given a gift of a “Kara” or “Kirpan” or Indian sweets. And the bridegroom will be given gifts of traditional Indian dresses and also Indian sweets.

The actual Sikh Wedding day itself

The wedding day celebrations start off with a big bang, literally speaking, as the “Baraat” (Family members and all the friends of the groom), start bursting all kinds of crackers to announce the wedding ceremony that is being held.

The “Baraat” would then travel to the house of the bride-to be. They would be welcomed amidst great merriment and joy. They would then spend the entire night at the house of the bride-to-be. The next day, all the rituals that are needed to be carried out, would then be carried out at the place of the girl or at a Gurudwara in the locality. After all the ceremonies have taken place, the marriage celebrations would continue all through the day. And the next day, the newly wedded couple would then leave to begin a new life.

The attire of the bride and the bridegroom

A Sikh bride-to-be will almost always wear a salwar kameez that is very bright in color and it will also be very heavily embroidered. This salwar kameez also has a dupatta (scarf), that the bride must use, to cover her head, all through the wedding ceremonies and rituals. There are times when a bride may also choose to wear a lehenga chunni.

A Sikh bridegroom will normally wear what is known as a kurta pyjama. Along with this, he will also wear what is called as a pagri (turban).

A grand meal too

There is also a grand and very sumptuous meal that is laid out for the guests who attend the wedding. If you attend a wedding of a Sikh, you can be sure that you are going to get one of the finest meals that you will have had in all your life, at the wedding ceremony.

And then at last, all the festivities and rituals of the wedding come to an end amidst great joy and merriment and to the thundering bursts of firecrackers. And, the newly married couple departs to embark on a new journey in their lives. This is how a Sikh Wedding would take place.


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