Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach for Your Wedding Reception

The main reason why Seven Degrees is an awesome venue has a lot to do with the uniqueness of the Seven Degrees space itself. Located in gorgeous Laguna Beach, California, Seven Degrees prides itself on giving its clients a wedding as flawless and original as they are. They go about accomplishing this in a few different ways:

  • Your wedding is all about the vision of your day, shared between both yourself and your partner. Seven Degrees is a wedding reception place that is deeply committed to this vision. You can cite the fact that the space itself is huge, as to why every single couple I’ve ever shot at Seven Degrees was able to have the wedding they truly wanted. The grey floors and white walls of Seven Degrees gives you the blank canvas necessary to create a wedding that will be flawless.
  • Seven Degrees is also extremely committed to helping you plan your dream wedding. One of the things that have impressed me the most about their staff is the way in which they are able to address every single aspect of your wedding concept. These wedding planners understand weddings, they know what the Seven Degrees space backwards and forwards, and the way in which they are able to combine those things has impressed me again and again.
  • The media lounge truly has to be seen to be believed. Does your wedding theme include a long playlist of love songs? Would you like to be able to run videos of the ceremony during the reception? Seven Degrees has the facilities to ensure that all of your audio/video needs are answered.
  • You should be able to focus on the big day in question. What you shouldn’t have to do is stress yourself out making sure every single small detail has been accounted for. Seven Degrees goes a long way towards removing that burden.


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