Sabina & Simon Malibu Beach Engagement

One of the most popular of wedding engagement photos session in California is a Malibu engagement shoot. This is indeed a place most Los Angeles Wedding Photographers love to shoot. This is why it didn’t surprise me to know that I’m scheduled to have a photo shoot in Malibu Beach. Both the bride and groom to be wanted their Malibu wedding and engagement shots to look as nature inspired as possible. This is why they asked if it’s possible to hold it in Malibu Beach. I didn’t just agree, I said yes excitedly. After all, it’s where nature is just waiting to welcome them into its beauty.

We first went to take some shots where there were lots of trees. Sabina and Simon wanted their shots to have a sense of rawness while still being able to showcase their modern personalities. It was a bit of a challenge for me because considering they were dressed in somewhat preppy and classy outfits, I had to exemplify the rustic nature of their backdrop.

I had to experiment with a lot of angles and lighting and I even tried on a few effects to see which ones would create the balance between modern and nature. My fear of having an imbalance was quickly removed once I saw the frames. The pictures were perfect. The contrast between their modern day look and the virgin trees were so beautiful that we had to take some more shots before going down to the Malibu Beach itself.

Once we got down to the beach, Sabina and Simon changed to their beach attire which was a match to the beautiful shore of the beach. One thing that helped us through the photo shoot was the rampant waves rolling towards the rocky parts of the beach. We took photos there and needless to say, it was truly stunning. Sabina and Simon really were the perfect match and the beautiful scenery behind them just added to the beauty of what lies ahead for this truly joyous Malibu wedding. Visit Sabina & Simon’s Indian Wedding in Corona.

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