Indian Wedding Baraat at Laguna Cliffs Marriott Binoli Amit By Aaroneye Photography

Binoli and Amit’s cliffside wedding at the Laguna Cliff Marriott was truly a breathtaking and special event. Many elements spoke to a traditional, Hindu wedding that the two joining families could share together while the open lawns and broad skies at the Marriott offered a blank, clean canvas for the event. Laguna Cliff Marriott weddings have the perfect amount of privacy in a respectable venue while also enjoying airy, luxurious views of the Pacific Coast that make the wedding celebrations seem even grander.

There was plenty of space at the Laguna Cliff Marriott for all of Binoli and Amit’s guests and they were very accommodating of the Baraat wedding festivities as the handsome groom, decked out in clean white and deep red, rode in on a horse, who was equally, if not outstandingly, adorned as well. We had so much fun photographing these fun, festive moments before the intimate ceremony.

Orange, pink, and rich golds brightened up the outdoor ceremony space while the seemingly infinite cliffside horizon stretched out as a picturesque, blue portrait behind the couple. Smiles abounded at this warm, welcoming wedding and all of the brightness and joy that was shared in the outdoor space was incredibly special. We, at AaronEye Photography, hope to have the pleasure of shooting another wedding at the beautiful Laguna Cliff Marriott again in the future. Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom!

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