Palm Springs Indian Wedding Photography: Getting The Best Pre Wedding Photos

This unique Indian wedding was in Palm Springs. The bride has beautiful blue eyes and blond hair, and she looks stunning in the red saree with all the sparkling jewelry. While she came in the grand entry, she looks so beautiful and it literally felt like a movie.

It was a two day wedding as they had a traditional wedding the day before, and Sangeet on the same night.

The baraat was a bit challenging because it was held at around 8pm and there was no street light, which was almost pitch black. The couple was not from North Cali and their family and friends traveled from all over the world to attend this beautiful wedding. It was really intimate and I loved it. Introducing Julie and Dipanshu!

Indian wedding photography has taken a new dimension by making the photojournalist click pre-wedding photos. These can be engagement photographs or just an exotic photo session before the marriage ceremony.

How to make use of the pre wedding delightful photographs

The concept of capturing the to be bride and groom has many advantages, therefore it is the latest trend to create the magic between the two love birds before marriage. Choosing your wedding photographers to click pictures of the pre wedding can give him/her a better idea on the perfect angles and settings to make the bride and the groom look more enchanting and captivating during the real wedding ceremony. Most Indian couples get engaged much before their wedding, hence getting engagement shots or just some scenic couple shots can be used on wedding cards or as blow-ups on wedding mandaps.

As wedding ceremonies are lavish affairs with lots of glitter and glamour, capturing your pre wedding photographs in stylish and elegant outfits might prove radically different in your wedding album. Some couples like to go to some picturesque locations to shoot these kinds of photographs as they do not like the photographer tagging along with them on their honeymoon. Your wedding photographer needs to use his/her creative skills to create a prologue before weaving the key romantic story.

Indian wedding photography can remind you of those dreamy moments which you like to treasure forever

Some couples like to be photographed at the location where they first met, dated or proposed. They also like the pictures to be taken on locations where they might have some romantic memories to be cherished over the years to come. Clothes play a very important part in such photo shoots. You might like to match the outfit color of your to be spouse to prove your undying love or might wear something that pleases your spouse. All these creative shots can be randomly displayed in your wedding album as a contrast to the glitz and glitter of your wedding.

Your wedding photojournalist can decide during this shoot, the best angles that make you and your spouse look more attractive together. During the actual wedding, your wedding photographer might be totally well versed on how to capture your best moments together and creating the most beautiful wedding album ever.

Giving an Indian wedding photography session before your actual wedding, can give you, your spouse and your photojournalist extreme confidence.

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