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The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa located in Riverside has been the setting for innumerable weddings thanks to its unique combination of Spanish Mission architecture, European charm, and a staff dedicated to seeing that your wedding goes as smoothly as possible. Over the years, the Mission Inn has developed quite the reputation for hosting memorable weddings and yours can become one that your guests will never forget.

The wedding chapel of the hotel is inspired by the architecture of the Spanish Colonial period that provides the courtyard on the grounds known as the Atrio with a stunning appearance. Travertine flagstones and the bronze Bacchus fountain that is Italian-inspired have served as the backdrop for countless weddings thanks to its stunning, timeless appearance.

For your wedding, the Mission Inn provides a number of attributes that make it one of the best locations for your nuptials.

Why Choose the Mission Inn in Riverside?

There are a number of reasons why the Mission Inn is the perfect location for your wedding. For over a century, the Inn has hosted weddings and has brought a scale of romance, grandeur, and splendor to the proceedings. The Mission Inn has only grown in stature over the years which make it the perfect setting for your wedding to take place.

Chapel: Often called the “Crown Jewel” of the Inland Southern California region, the hotel & spa offers a number of excellent reception sites as well as the only hotel chapel in the region, the St. Francis of Assisi. Adorned with priceless treasures from around the world, the chapel is a wondrous location filled with Tiffany stained glass panels. The chapel itself makes the perfect setting for your wedding, able to accommodate your guests while providing the scene for your wedding to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Setting: The grounds of the Inn provide a number of excellent locations for photography as well as quiet places to rest and relax under the California sun. You’ll find secluded gardens, patios, wondrous towers and soaring domes that make this quite a remarkable setting for your wedding event. In addition, there is a world-class art collection to be admired as well as the incredible décor that will provide you and your guests with plenty to see before your wedding takes center stage.

Dedicated Staff: What puts the Mission Inn in Riverside over the top in terms of being one of the best places to host your wedding is the dedication of the staff to making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. From the initial planning stages to taking care of your needs and responding to unexpected events, the staff at the Mission Inn in Riverside is dedicated to creating a magical experience for your wedding. It’s little wonder that the reputation of the Mission Inn as being one of the best locations for weddings in the Southern California area is so strong.

A legendary hotel, a historic location, and a staff that attends to your needs make the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside the place for your wedding. View this couple’s engagement session in Laguna Beach.

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