Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina indian wedding Nima Devan

The wedding of Nima and Devan made for an unforgettable occasion for all who attended at the San Diego Marina Marriott. The wedding itself followed traditional Indian customs which made for a remarkable event for all to see.

Nima woke early that day and with her family put on the traditional wedding dress, jewelry, and henna tattoos on her hands and feet that were stunningly rendered. Nima herself was overflowing with joy at the anticipation of the wedding which shined from her bright smile and beautiful eyes. Devan was in another part of the hotel getting ready for the big day with his friends and family. Getting dressed and prepared in his traditional garb made for many moments of joy and laughter as he was so looking forward to the wedding.

As with most traditional Indian weddings, the groom arrived in grand style with his family and friends singing, dancing, and playing music. Devan managed to keep his balance atop a camel as he rode to the site of the wedding. The atmosphere was electric and the joy of anticipation could be felt by one and all who participated in his arrival while Nima watched from the hotel windows above.

The wedding itself was held outdoors that offered a stunning setting for one and all to behold. Nima looked stunning as she walked down the aisles and the happy couple undertook all the traditions of the Indian ceremony. Their faces filled with smiles and laughter, the event proved to be one that had everyone there happy and excited for Nima and Devan.

Of course, the wedding pictures of the happy couple, smiling and laughing amid the palm trees that surround the hotel was an unforgettable sight and surely one that Nima and Devan will remember for the rest of their lives. The happiness and joy of the moment shined so brightly under the sunlight that it encapsulated the perfect day that both enjoyed amid their friends and family.

The wedding was followed by a beautiful reception held inside one of the large ballrooms that the San Diego Marina Marriott holds for its guests. The colors, decorations, and setting were augmented by the beautiful cake and the happiness of everyone present when Nima and Devan entered as man and wife. There was dancing, clapping, laughing, and celebrating as friends and family enjoyed the reception of Nima and Devan becoming one.

San Diego Marina Marriott

The stunning setting of the San Diego Marina Marriott added to the beautiful wedding celebration of Nima and Devan. The hotel itself offers four different ballrooms that cater to wedding receptions of different sizes as well as a myriad of social events. Nima and Devan had up to 277,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space to choose the location of their perfect wedding.

In addition, the San Diego Marina Marriott staff provides ample support so that all aspects of the wedding can go smoothly. With catering and menu options, it makes for the perfect location for weddings of all backgrounds to take place.

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