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It was the perfect day for a wedding at the Coyote Golf course. The incredible setting helped make wonderful memories for Komal and Mark. The happy couple started their day getting ready for the wedding with Komal having her hands and feet decorated with henna tattoos. She was dressed in a beautiful, traditional wedding gown made from exquisite materials. Komal practically glowed in anticipation of her wedding to Mark.

Mark also prepared by wearing a traditional outfit and getting ready with his groomsmen. The atmosphere was electric thanks in large part to the family and friends gathering for the event. When it started, Mark was part of the parade of his friends and family approaching the wedding site. There was a great deal of singing, dancing, and celebrating with Mark and his thoughts only of his beautiful bride. Amid the celebrations were moments of pure joy that were written on the faces of Mark, his family and friends.

Komal was anxiously awaiting with her family as Mark approached the spectacular outdoor setting underneath a clear sky. The arbor was beautifully decorated with Mark arriving with his parents and Komal shortly afterwards. The wedding itself was so beautiful with the traditional dress and the incredible colors that were shining under the sun. The ceremony finally joined the happy couple who radiated with joy.

The family posed for pictures with everyone all smiles as the realization that Mark and Komal had become man and wife. For everyone it was a sight to behold with the photos demonstrating the incredible happiness that flowed from the gathering of family and friends.

The reception allowed everyone to join in the celebration with Komal and Mark changing into different and stunning attire. Their entrance as man and wife naturally brought cheers of joy and happiness from family and friends who were now united as one. When they came into the beautifully decorated reception area and began dancing on the floor, their family and friends were all laughing, yelling and celebrating.

Coyote Hills Golf Course

The incredible setting of the golf course has allowed the owners to transform a small part of the location as a wonderful outdoor setting for couples to get married. The area accommodates over 250 guests who can enjoy viewing the wedding set during a beautiful sunrise or spectacular sunset. For the happy couple, there are a number of outstanding locations for photographs together and with family. You can choose the impressive outdoor arbor for the ceremony or select the indoor area which offers a wonderful view as well.

The facility itself comes with many advantages starting with a beautiful facility complete with floor to ceiling windows that offers an incredible view of the surroundings. Plus, the staff at the Coyote Golf Course will provide you with the assistance needed so your wedding goes as smoothly as possible. For Komal and Mark, the memories from their wedding will last a lifetime thanks in part to the spectacular setting of the Coyote Golf Course.

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