Los Angeles Wedding Photography in Malibu Saddlerock Ranch by Aaroneye Photography

Saddlerock Ranch is one of the best Malibu wedding venues to hold a Malibu wedding. With all the trees surrounding the place, this Malibu wedding venue is perfectly set for this afternoon to sundown wedding. Taking pictures for the bride and groom was such a blast that we took pictures of them with every beautiful view there is.

The afternoon had a beautiful breeze that added to the effects of my photographs. I didn’t have any trouble finding the perfect light because the sun did the job for me. The bride and groom wanted their photos to look rustic and timeless so I just captured even the simplest of moments. With the sun about to come down, the rays fit perfectly with the bride’s solo shots. The perfectly crisp white dress and the contrast of the bridesmaids’ purple ensemble with the various shades of green made every frame pop out.

The bride and groom especially loved the photos to look as candid as possible so there were really no forced smiles. It was such a pleasant thing for me, as a Malibu wedding photographer, to capture natural smiles and blissful moments rather than capturing more dreary emotional moments. Even when the bride and the father of the bride were dancing, they wanted me to capture all light and ecstatic moments.

The best still shot for me was when the bride and groom were walking down the fenced pathway of the Saddlerock Ranch. Their smiles were so natural that I took the pictures without them even knowing I was taking their photo. The shot was perfect with all the blissful colors, but just their happiness was enough to make the picture a hit, I just had to put it into gray scale. And when I showed it to the couple they loved it as much I enjoyed taking the photo. See more samples on Vintage Wedding Photography and Engagement Photos on my portfolio.

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