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Krystal and Neel had their wedding at Irvine Marriott. The Irvine Marriott near the John Wayne Airport is a great venue. The Grand Ballroom can have both ceremony and reception. It is very popular among Indian weddings. The room can be divided into section should the situation demand. The elegance of the atmosphere can be ascertained form the decorations like art deco chandeliers, cream color walls adjustable lighing as per the mood.

As an Orange County wedding photographer, I’m used to shooting traditional American wedding celebrations. That is why when wedding coverage opportunities comes up where the event is held for traditional Indian couples, I’m always excited to catch every moment of it. Indian weddings are very detailed, intricate and extravagant to say the least. For an Indian wedding photographer, such events offer a great experience and platform to showcase our skills and hone our craft. There’s also many good spot for engagement photos in Orange County, you should consult with your photographer and get some opinion on the locations.

This Indian wedding photography session was such a blast for me to be a part of. The wedding coverage for this kind of wedding is tiring but very worthwhile. Our coverage started off with taking the bride’s pictures with her family. The pure and over-pouring cultural practices for Indian brides are what is called a haven for Indian wedding photographers and others alike. I couldn’t get enough of the hand paintings that mesh with the very detailed Indian wedding gown. For this shoot I had to make use of my special lenses just so I can easily capture and let the hand marking pop out from all the red shades. In every modern wedding, one of the most popular color schemes are red and gold. For Indian weddings, red and gold is a staple. It is what the bride and groom wears for their bridal ceremony. Next stop is the groom’s quarter where I got to shoot the light and bubbly entourage of men. Their smiles alone are enough for a perfect photo-op even without adding too many camera tricks.

Because an Indian wedding is a long and very detailed ceremony, each part including the walking from the hotel room to the altar is very important. Any experienced Indian wedding photographer knows how to capture all the important moments of such a wedding because this will live on and be passed down from generations to come.

Indian wedding photography is not same as other normal wedding photography. Some functions in the life will measure up the day. People from all over the world will celebrate the marriage ceremony in different customs but Indian wedding photography is unique. Indians carries lot of pride in the marriage and it is also clear from first day of quantity of detail, planning and decoration is unmatched with other culture. For this purpose, if planning a traditional marriage it is essential to have the perfect photographer which can admire the quality of the work which was put it in. There are certain things have to be considered when looking for the Indian wedding photographer. The Indian wedding photographer must contain experience taking a sangeet ceremony. If the photographer is able to associate with the customs of sangeet, then he could be able to shoot the event in the amazing way. The photographer stay almost invisible and shoot the delicate moments which you can never pose for like relatives laughs, songs sung by the people and children playing. The closeness of the family and their smiles should be made like art by the photographer.

If the bride and the family saw the photos, they will be impressed with the results of the emotion in the different shots. The Indian wedding photography must have experience taking a mehendi party. These are the important part of the all traditional Indian marriage. The quality of the time it carries to use the complicated designs and waiting patiently for the henna to dry creates getting the perfect photographer more essential. The two or four week tattoos will fade away and so it is important to get the perfect images at the right moment and it will last forever. The perfect photographer must be able to shoot at different angles and the charmness of henna and the closeness of the brides, family and friends on the process. The indian wedding photographer must also have experience in capturing the Indian wedding in the perfect manner. All people know their roles and position and a best photographer requires no guidelines or any direction. They know where to be and how to shoot it. Indian wedding photographer will create a best compilation mixing the excellent shots with the emotional ones. They also have a special skill and talent to do this.

It is hard to take all the special moments allow alone certain thing hence grand such as marriage. When marriages are made in heaven, the marriage shots are taken on earth. Before hiring the photographer, check about the number of pictures you want. You can also ask him to choose the photographs. You must ask about the print size and when you are like for additional prints, you must not unwilling to ask him for the needed quantity of the prints. When there is any cancellation, then you should check with him any refund is there for the cancellation. Since marriage is the special memorable event, hire the Indian wedding photographer by considering all the factors.

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