Irvine Hilton Indian Wedding Photography – Capturing the Splendour

Indian weddings are very sophisticated and extravagant. This is why it’s always a pleasure for me being an Orange County wedding photographer. For any Indian wedding photographer, the best part in doing a coverage for such wedding ceremonies is capturing the minute details that most photographers wouldn’t even notice. This might be a personal choice, but I really love giving emphasis on the little things like the bride’s accessories or the intimate settings of the tables in the wedding hall of an Orange County wedding infused with the vibrant Indian traditions.

This Indian wedding photography coverage in particular was more modern that the ones that I covered in the past. The bride didn’t have her hand and feet tattoos and was wearing a simpler bridal gown, a green tunic with sophisticated detailing. I loved to take pictures of how intricate the bridal gown was made and how well it complemented the bride’s glow. The men in this Indian wedding were wearing modern tuxedos as well. When I was taking their group photos I noticed that the black tuxedos matched with the traditional Indian gowns that the women had on.

The grand ballroom where the wedding ceremony was held also was such a dream for Indian wedding photographers like me because I had a lot of lights and angles to play with. The color palette from the aqua and green shades made it so light yet still classy.

My favorite part in being this event’s Indian wedding photographer was when it was time for the after party celebration. Everybody was having fun in the dance floor and I had fun capturing every moment of it. From the women wearing traditional Indian tunics partying on to the tune of the party music to the men loosely dancing around in their formal tuxedos, you can clearly see how much fun everybody had in this truly wonderful event. Here’s another Indian Wedding in Irvine, but the venue is in marriott instead of Hilton.

A typical Indian wedding includes numerous rites, rituals and traditions. Hence, a lot of insight and tactfulness is needed by the photojournalist to capture all the splendour through brilliant wedding photography.

Capturing the never ending romantic fairy tale of an Indian wedding

An Indian wedding ceremony lasts for a minimum of four to seven days. Within these days various rituals are performed and they hold the same significance as the main event. Photography is a must to capture all the customs on all these eventful days. So if you hire a photographer you need to appoint him/her for the entire wedding session. Your photographer should be efficiently creative and alert. Also, he/she should be brimming with high energy levels and should display a lot of patience because an Indian wedding ceremony is a never ending fairy tale.

Though, Indian weddings display a lot of magnificence, glamour, emotions and spectacle, there are a few nitty-gritty details which need to be looked at during the photography session. Your photojournalist might feel lost without a coordinator hence, make sure to appoint one while doing a photo shoot. The rituals of the marriage depend on the region and religion in India. But most marriages have some common rituals like the engagement party, mehendi session (designs made on hands and legs of the women), sangeet (songs and dance), haldi (applying turmeric on the bride and the groom) and taking wedding vows around the sacred fire. As every ritual mentioned holds significance, it is extremely vital for your photographer to capture every minute detail.

Indian wedding photography is a grand affair in itself

Indian wedding involves not only the bonding of two people but it also involves the bonding of two families. As it is more of a family affair, your photojournalist should be able to place each and every member of the family, in the wedding photo album. There is a ritual attached to every small thing that the bride and groom does, like hiding of the groom’s shoes, bride and groom fishing the coin or ring from an opaque liquid, groom sitting on the horse with a garland of money bills, bride being carried on a wooden plank by the uncle, etc. These rituals again vary from region to region.

Apart from capturing the various rituals performed during the long wedding ceremony, your photojournalist should also be able to capture the laughter, tears and overwhelming emotions displayed by the bride and the other family members.

Indian wedding photography is more challenging and exciting because the photographer gets to weave an enchanting fairy tale within another fairy tale.

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