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The traditional Indian wedding of Payal and Amam was an event that will stay in the memories of the friends and family who attended for the rest of their lives. The beautiful traditional garments, the magnificent setting provided by the Newport Beach Marriot Hotel & Spa, and most importantly the love and joy on the faces of Payal and Amam made this wedding a special one.

As with many traditional Indian weddings, the first main event was the Sangreet which took place the day before. The hotel ballroom was filled with friends and family of the happy couple dancing, laughing, and joining together was a sight to behold. It certainly was a comfort to see the families of Payal and Amam meet and celebrate what would be a joyous event.

The morning of the wedding was filled with preparations as Payal wore a traditional Indian garment, her hands decorated with henna tattoos, and her mother applying the makeup that helped bring out the inner beauty in her daughter who could not wait for her wedding to begin. Amam was dressed by his family and friends and looked quite handsome in his traditional outfit. The apprehension on his face belied the warmth and joy he was feeling as the big day had arrived.

The parade that led Amam to the wedding ceremony was highlighted when he came in on-board the Batmobile, straight from the “Batman Returns” film. There was music, singing, and dancing by his friends and family that led him to the ceremony. The arrival of Payal signaled the start of a beautiful, traditional Indian wedding set outside that brought out the joy in everyone present. The joining of Payal and Amam was so joyous to behold that it will remain forever in the minds and hearts of those fortunate enough to attend.

The reception afterwards was highlighted by Payal and Amam declaring their love for each other and what they admire and respect about what the other brings into their lives. Their words as spoken in front of those they love made the entire wedding event a joy to behold.

Newport Beach Marriot Hotel & Spa

The beautiful Newport Beach Marriot Hotel & Spa offer sumptuous accommodations, a fantastic location, and plenty of amenities for those who are planning their wedding. The main attraction is the stunning location that allows you to exchange your wedding vows with views of the Pacific behind you. This is perhaps the most popular reason why the Newport Beach Marriot Hotel & Spa attracts weddings. However, there are other reasons why the setting works for so many wedding couples.

The event and planning team have helped coordinate hundreds of wedding which means that every detail will be addressed so your wedding goes smoothly. Plus, the large ballroom space is perfect for receptions or for the rare occasions when Mother Nature does not cooperate. Plus, the culinary creations provided by the hotel’s kitchen staff is enough to have you coming back for more.

For Payal and Amam, their wedding was an unforgettable event that everyone in attendance will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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