Indian Wedding Photography In Newport Beach Marriott Ankur Shobna By Aaroneye Photography

The stunning and beautifully gorgeous wedding of Shobna and Ankur took place a few days back at the glorious Marriot Newport Beach. With the bride and groom dressed in impeccable royal dress code from head to toe, this is one wedding that I and many of their beloved friends and family will not forget for several decades to come. The Indian wedding photography gallery above, and the way we were able to capture the shots with such finesse is a testament to the grandeur and deep love that stained every frame of this day – Ankur and Shobna’s big day!

The gallery starts with a getting ready of bride and groom, decked out in their wedding gear, laughing and smiling as they walk along the breezy Newport Beach. This photo well captures the inspiration behind every event in this series, whether it was the royal blue peacock receptions carried out in true style, limousine and all, or the traditional ceremony in vibrant orange and yellow colors. It captures the inspiration of lifelong promises, laughter and love, and the hope for creating many more beautiful memories in the coming years of Ankur and Shobna’s marriage.

We had the traditional stunning red Indian dress on Shobna and a groom in shining white Indian formal clothing to go with it. Then came the beautiful décor, lighting, backdrop, stage, and flowers that set the stage for this auspicious occasion. It was a combination of light warm browns that were intermingled within Shobna’s favorite bouquet of white cream roses. And, this matched absolutely perfectly with the palette of orange and inter-mingled blue royal colors at the couple’s ceremony.

This was followed up by the bride and groom’s elegant reception that was truly held in style, once again at the Marriot Hotel in New Beach. This reception scene beautifully capture the bold and dazzling shades of blue that marked every aspect of the venue. From the elegant candles floating on blue water that lit up each guest table to the creamy white and pink bouquets that was the centerpiece of attention, the stage was truly set for a grand event. A tower of cupcakes grabbed our attention, while the blue napkins and crystal cutlery simply oozed romance, sophistication, and royalty.

The venue is one that is very modern, ultra-classic, with a multi-colored disco ball flashing in the corner. It oozes fun, family, and dance. The minimal décor does justice to the purpose of this event. Men decked out in dapper suits, and the lovely ladies dolled up in red saris, they dance the night away in style. This is captured perfectly in our Indian wedding photography gallery from Aaroneye photography.

Vintage vases and personalized details enhanced the beauty of the bright white and blue lighting on their magnificent once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception. This again has been beautifully captured in the Indian wedding photography gallery and is one of my favorites.



 Photography By Aaroneye Photography

Videography By Imagique

Venue: Marriot Hotel & Spa in Newport Beach

Floral/Décor/Coordination By Ethnic Essence – Smita Mohindra

DJ /Lighting /Barat By Special Occasions

Mehndi By Nisha Amin

Hair/Makeup By Crown Makeup

Catering By Mantra Sumit

Cupcakes/Cakes By Rockwells Bakery

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