Pakistani Wedding Photography in West Lake Village by Aaroneye Photography

Today, weddings in India are less traditional and more contemporary, yet Indian wedding photography is able to capture all the mystic and enchantment all around.

Changing times do not affect the enthusiasm and vibrancy of an Indian wedding

Though more and more people try to shorten their wedding into a one day affair, this one single wedding day does not lack the colourfulness and sparkle of a ten day wedding. In fact everything is crammed on one day, the traditional walking around the sacred fire, exchanging garlands and rings and the reception. This is usually the case of an urban Indian wedding due to lack of time, wedding space or the influence of city life. Still, a wedding photojournalist might be booked for two or three days as the haldi and mehendi ritual does happen a day prior to the wedding. People in the city prefer their wedding photographs to be more visually creative than just the mere capture of rituals.

The first half of the marriage is filled with all the ritualistic programs and the second half might be celebrated as the wedding reception. The venue can be different for both affairs. Usually the rituals and solemnizing of the wedding takes place in a temple, at home or some hand built mandap (spacious colourful tents). The reception could be held either on some lawn, a hall or at some classy hotel. You need to inform your photojournalist of the exact time schedule of the various locations.

Passing on the traditions to future generations through the incredible visual display of Indian wedding photography

Though the festivity and celebration still exist in modern day, city wedding or an out of country wedding, the traditions are not given much importance. The rituals and wedding mantras which used to take three to four hours are now minimized to a half an hour session. Capturing every moment in such weddings is highly crucial because every moment matters here. Unlike the rural weddings, where the guests are invited to stay for a month or so, in the city the guests’ visits are short and sweet.

A bride might be decked up with the bridal attire and might indulge in bridal-significant things such as sindoor, bangles and mangalsutra for a day or two on her wedding. Today in the city, an Indian woman might be reluctant to wear sindoor or a mangalsutra on western clothing, even though these things are significant to an Indian married woman. Well it depends on the time and place, but capturing the traditions followed during their wedding ceremony is highly indispensable.

Indian wedding photography can give you a reason to pass on to your future generations, a few glorious Indian traditions.

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