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Vrunda and Akash enjoyed a traditional Indian wedding that came with all the trappings. The setting, Sangreet, wedding ceremony, and reception made for an unforgettable event for everyone involved. The joy and love that shown on Vrunda’s and Akash’s eyes as they celebrated their union which brought together two families shined all through the events.


It’s common for Indian weddings to last for days and in some cases more than a week. For weddings that last more than a few days, a Sangreet is a common event. A Sangreet is essentially a party held before the wedding with all the guests invited. You will often find a Sangreet in a hotel ballroom with plenty of drinks, dancing, mingling, and henna tattoos placed on your hands.

For Vrunda and Akash, their Sangreet followed the traditions of many Indian weddings as family and friends had a wonderful time that lasted well into the night. The traditional outfits combined with the dancing, singing, and party atmosphere made the evening one to remember and helped Vrunda and Akash look forward to their own wedding ceremony.


The preparations for the wedding began early as Vrunda’s mother helped her get ready for the day. Dressed in traditional Indian attire, the stunning outfit only highlighted the joy on Vrunda’s face as she was looking forward to the events of the day.

Surrounded by friends and family, Akash was prepared for his big day as well. The joy and laughter shows on the faces of those who helped him get ready. Of course, photos were taken of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen before the big event which made for a special time that everyone remembers with great happiness.

Of course, a highlight was the parade of Akash, his family and friends as they approached the wedding venue. The joy was incredible as Akash was lifted on the shoulders of friends and family members while in a beautiful touch, a few people carried large photos of Vrunda as part of the group.

The wedding itself featured the traditions of Indian weddings that helped make it a moment that no one who attended will ever forget. The stunning traditional attire highlighted the happiness on the faces of Vrunda and Akash as they became wife and husband. With the ceremony completed and all the requisite photos taken, it was off to the reception where everyone laughed and danced the night away.

Doubletree Hilton in Anaheim

The beautiful DoubleTree Hilton located in Anaheim offered the perfect setting for wedding, thanks to its wonderful location and amenities. The hotel itself hosts many different types of events and the main wedding venue can accommodate up to 400 guests in comfort. The staff offers customizable wedding packages designed to fit the needs of the wedding party and offers catering for the reception.

Plus, your guests can stay at the DoubleTree Hilton and enjoy the many attractions that are within a few minutes of the hotel. Vrunda and Akash enjoyed their marvelous wedding in this location all thanks to the amenities, helpful staff, and customized package of services that made the day extra special.

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