Hyatt Westlake Plaza Indian Wedding in Westlake Village Vishal Pritika

After Pritika and Vishal’s engagement at San Juan Capistrano and Walt Disney Concert hall, here comes their beautiful wedding. The wedding between Pritika and her new husband Vishal took place at the Hyatt Westlake Plaza and we were there to witness every moment of it, and capture the beautiful moments on camera. The rather large wedding party, consisting of friends and family from both Pritika and Vishal, gathered at the Plaza in Westlake Village and were treated to clear skies and a very bright day, no doubt seen as a good omen by all involved.

In some ways an Indian wedding is similar to a traditional western one. The fun and games continued with an after party in the Plaza itself with Vishal dressing in his finest suit for the occasion. The Plaza was decorated beautifully and everyone involved wore vivid and bright colors and lost themselves in the music. Everyone who attended was very pleased and it was nice to see them all so happy and joyous at the events playing out in front of them. Everyone knew that Pritika and Vishal made a good couple and were proud to be there to witness them declare it for the world to know.

This Hyatt West Lake Plaza wedding in Westlake Village was a beautiful one.  There are two photos that really stand out for us and they were ones we captured near the end. The first is the picture of the new family. Pritika are in the middle surrounded by their loved ones, all of whom are smiling brightly and happily at the joining. The other is the final photo we took, which included the whole wedding party. There are so many you can’t even see them all. It’s a sea of happy people with their hands in the air. They were happy to be there, to witness everything. It was a truly wonderful time that was a celebration of not just two people coming together, but the idea of love itself.

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