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Megha and Kevin were joined in matrimony by a Hindu and Persian fusion wedding, a spectacular ceremony that was highlighted by the events that took place both before and during the wedding itself. The happy bride and groom held many of the traditions in place before the union which allowed for friends and family to gather and meet.

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You can see the love that Megha and Kevin have for each other right from their engagement photo and video sessions. The warmth they share is present in their eyes and in the way the regard each other. The engagement photo session was just the first of several events that preceded their wedding. The next was the Mendhi, a traditional gathering that takes place before the wedding where henna tattoos are placed on the skin. Megha had her arms and hands decorated in the company of family and friends. She was joined by Kevin and together they began the celebration that lead to their wedding. There was plenty of dancing, laughing and celebrating during this remarkable event.

The Pithi ceremony, where the bride, Megha, has a paste applied to her face, arms, and legs is another traditional event that brought together the families. The purification ceremony is one that brought more joy and laughter which helped set the proper mood for the next event, the Sangeet. It all began with dancing and celebrating in a larger venue that was decorated for the occasion.

The bride and groom sat together and enjoyed the dancing and celebrated that was provided by both sides of the family. All of this led to the wedding itself at the fabulous Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orange County.

Megha and Kevin prepared themselves before the event, their eyes indicating the anticipation of what would happen next. All the traditions of the Hindu culture were observed first and those who were there will never forget the joy and happiness on Megha and Kevin’s faces as they came back to do the Persian part of the event. What no one will forget is the sheer happiness exuded by Megha and Kevin as they came into the reception as man and wife.

The Hyatt Regency Orange County Hotel

The beautiful setting for Megha and Kevin’s wedding was the celebrated Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orange County. The hotel itself has been the site of many wedding ceremonies thanks to its convenient location, marvelous facilities, and ample amenities. The hotel is the perfect venue for weddings of different traditions and they work to make each event special and memorable.

The hotel offers a planning and event service team that is dedicated to coordinating all the details so that the wedding itself comes off beautifully. In addition, the hotel offers a top-flight culinary staff perfect for sit-down dinners to late night snacks. In addition, there are caterers who work in different ethnic culinary delights that will surely please all guests.

Offering a massive 17,000 square foot Grand Ballroom along with smaller venues and plenty of room for many of the guests to stay, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orange County is the perfect place for your wedding. Kevin entered the hotel driveway aboard a beautiful Corvette convertible while his bride Megha came in to the venue with her family.


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