Hilton Anaheim Indian Christian Wedding of Jasmin and Sabu by Aaroneye Photography

We love weddings that showcase a personal fusion of cultures, traditions, and ceremonies. This Indian Christian wedding at the Hilton Anaheim was beautiful and we had so much fun capturing moments and memories with Jasmin and Sabu. There were so many little details to love and embrace at this Hilton Anaheim wedding and the clean elegance of the venue allowed for ultimate personalization and fun.

The bridal party got ready in an elegant, spacious Hilton room and they enjoyed the time together before the big event. The bride’s gown was a form fitting, modern wedding dress with a trumpet bottom and it featured crystal encrusted accessories of every kind. The elegance and bling of her dress was more than matched in the reception space where rhinestones lined the cake layers and sultry, tall candle sticks and shining accents gleamed in the dark, sexy light of the broad reception space.

The bride’s wedding party wore traditional dresses in bold turquoise and deep purples that matched the atmosphere of the reception party. The Hilton’s clean white ceilings were boldly alight with those same punchy colors. Guests were entertained by traditional dancing and it set the tone for an enthusiastic celebration to follow.

From the bride’s sultry, modern dress to the infinite glamorous touches and sophisticated styling choices in the reception, Jasmin and Sabu’s fusion cultural wedding was an event to be remembered and the happy couple started their marriage with a major statement of style and personality.

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The wedding of Jasmin and Sabu showcased the mixture of culture, beliefs, ceremonies, and traditions. The Indian-Christian wedding that was held at the sumptuous Hilton Anaheim and was an event that no one will ever forget. Jasmin and Sabu were clearly ecstatic throughout the day and family and friends enjoyed the wedding and reception which was certainly befitting of the cultural mixture that helped to make it so memorable.

Jasmin prepared herself for the wedding with her bridal friends and family as she was dressed in a beautiful, Western wedding dress that featured the big trumpet at the hemline with crystals accessories across the gown itself. Sabu was also handsomely decked out in a tuxedo that was complimented by his groomsmen who were similarly outfitted. While he was clearly nervous waiting for his beautiful bride, he was also quite happy knowing that this was the moment he had been anticipating for so long.

The couple posed for pictures before their wedding which only increased the longing for the big event. The settings chosen only highlighted the love and carrying that each had for the other. The light that shined from their eyes was vividly apparent and created an unforgettable series of photos and video that the couple will cherish always.

The wedding itself was held in a beautiful chapel that was packed to capacity with friends and family wishing the happy couple all the best. It was a remarkable ceremony that touched one and all as they exchanged vows in front of family and friends.

The wedding reception was a thrilling event held in one of the larger ballrooms in the hotel. Beautifully decorated in purple, the ceremony included traditional Indian wardrobe, singing and dancing followed by the tributes from friends and family of the happy couple. The dancing and celebration continued into the night along with the tributes that only made the event even more special. The combination of Indian traditions with the Christian beliefs that are deeply held by the happy couple made the event one that will be remembered always.

The Hilton Anaheim

For Jasmin and Sabu, the Hilton Anaheim was the perfect location for their wedding and reception. The dedicated ballroom space was more than enough for the wedding and reception which helped make it convenient for the guests while providing the perfect atmosphere for the celebration of Jasmin and Sabu’s union.

The Hilton provides the space for a large event or a small, intimate setting if you so desire. The staff at the Hilton works with the families to ensure that everything goes as planned. For Jasmin and Sabu’s reception, the staff went all-out to create a vibrant atmosphere that was something to behold. The experienced, knowledgeable team at the Hilton goes the extra mile to make sure it is the right wedding and reception venue for your needs.

For Jasmin and Sabu, the events of the day turned out to be more than memorable with everyone enjoying the wedding itself along with the festivities afterwards.

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