Fullerton Arboretum Engagement Photo Session Varun Ankita

It was a gorgeous day for the engagement photography session of Ankita and Varun at the Fullerton Arboretum. The arboretum was an excellent choice thanks to the wide variety of gardens, woods, and even desert sections that provided a myriad of backdrops for the happy couple.

The choice of outfits for Ankita and Varun were particularly well suited for this marvelous day. However, there was little doubt that their selection of the Fullerton Arboretum was the best choice to bring out the love the couple clearly feels for each other. The love in their eyes as well as the setting helped relax both of them which created this wonderful engagement photo session.

Both Ankita and Varun were delighted with each other’s company and the arboretum itself which provided a beautiful, natural setting for photo sessions. In particular, the dress that Ankita selected was just perfect as it highlighted her eyes and beautiful smile which radiates throughout the photos that were taken. Varun was certainly handsome in his attire and both of them were relaxed and comfortable amid the natural settings of the arboretum.

The couple certainly made use of the many different settings and took a variety of poses which were perfectly framed amid the plants, trees, and the garden setting. The light was also quite wonderful as it highlighted their faces in each photograph. Overall, this particular engagement photo session was certainly one that brought out the best in Ankita and Varun as the natural setting helped settle their nerves and create some unforgettable moments that are now captured forever in photographs.

Fullerton Arboretum

Located just off the 57 Freeway at the Yorba Linda exit in Fullerton, the arboretum is a very popular choice for engagement photo sessions for a wide variety of reasons. This hidden gem is very easy to visit thanks to its convenient location, but stepping inside makes it seem that you are a world away from the greater Los Angeles area.

The arboretum itself features a number of separate areas where different types of plants grow in a setting as close to natural for them as possible. Once you walk past the entrance and administration building, you can visit the different collections that include the woodlands, desert, and Mediterranean. In addition, the central part of the arboretum offers community gardens as well as the children’s garden, outdoor classroom, and the Heritage House.

The arboretum offers photo permits for engaged couples and groups up to 10 people per session for a reasonable cost. While the permit is limited to three areas of the grounds, it does offer a wide variety of places that make the perfect photo.

With the different plants, trees, ponds, and streams located on the property, the Fullerton Arboretum makes the perfect location for engagement photo sessions. The natural beauty combined with the variety of settings makes it the perfect place for happy couples to find the right atmosphere for their photos. For Ankita and Varun, the Fullerton Arboretum proved to be a wonderful place that really enhanced their engagement photo session.

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