Engagement Photo Session – Tired of Beach Themed Engagement Pictures? Try Nature Themed!

In Southern California, it certainly seems natural that so many couples want their engagement photos done along the beach. There is certainly nothing like an ocean background and the warm sands that make for spectacular pictures. It is safe to say that beach photo shoots are easily the most popular when it comes to engagement photography.

However, for couples who want their engagement photos to stand out from the rest, there are many other choices that the Southern California area has to offer. With a myriad of natural and historic locations, you can have an unforgettable setting for your engagement photos that will be memorable and set you apart from the rest.

Why Choose Nature or City Themed Engagement Photo Backgrounds?

There are a number of reasons why having your engagement photos in a beautiful garden, city or vintage setting makes the perfect location. When you consider what it takes to create the right look for your photographs, using different locations has its advantages.

Variety: You can choose from a number of different locations or a place that may offers several convenient settings. While a beach is still a beach, a garden, park or vintage location offers several backgrounds for a good variety of different photographs.

Intimacy: A garden or park offers a beautiful, intimate setting that makes for a wonderful backdrop. The interaction of the trees, plants, and flowers creates a number of photo opportunities that will create the close, intimate setting that is so perfect for engagement photography.

Uniqueness: When you consider just how many other people have their engagement photos at the same place, your setting will be unique, memorable and really stand out.

Settings for Engagement Photos

Admittedly, the beach is a beautiful place that offers the view of the ocean or perhaps the walk along a pier. The open nature of the beach is definitely an attraction. However, there are other places that you should consider as well.

Garden: There are a number of parks and settings that have beautiful gardens that make the perfect natural background. You can choose from a number of gardens that offers beautiful flowers, trees and the grounds which are well manicured to create the perfect setting that symbolizes your love.

Vintage: In addition to the gardens, there are many vintage locations in the city and nearby suburbs that offer beautiful places for your engagement photos. There are several train stations, missions, historic buildings, churches and other locations that will make for the perfect backdrop. By selecting something from the past, you can create something that is not only memorable, but timeless about your photos.

City: A striking city skyline is one that will help make your engagement photographs ones that will be cherished and remembered. There are many places to choose from the impressive modern architecture of some of the latest buildings to a shot that incorporates a considerable amount of the skyline, the locations are only limited by your imagination.

Overall, you have a number of excellent locations that will make for the perfect engagement photos. Be sure to work with the photographer in finding the right place and setting it up well ahead of time so that everything goes as perfectly as your wedding will be.


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