Downtown Los Angeles LACMA Engagement Photos Parth Krupa

There is a special magic that is a part of every engagement photo session, particularly between young couples like Krupa and Parth who are making the commitment to spending their lives together. This is a magic you can see in their eyes as it radiates outward and is captured in a series of wonderful photos that were taken in downtown Los Angeles with a city light view and at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The photo session was divided into two parts, the first taking place in the downtown area during the daytime followed by a visit to the museum at night for an unforgettable view.

The photos taken in the downtown area sparkle with life thanks in part to the rich scenery of the fountain and other attractions, but mostly because of the joy and happiness on the faces of Krupa and Parth. Krupa dazzles in her simple dress while the casual attire of Parth helps set the proper mood for a relaxed engagement photo session. You can tell instantly that they love to look deeply into each other’s eyes and spend time together.

There is a wonderful casualness to how the happy couple rests so easily in each other’s arms. A kind of love that really sparkles and you can see in each of the photos. The brilliant use of sunlight helped augment each photo so that the happiness of Krupa and Parth can be easily seen.

The venue switched to the museum and its amazing view of the city at night. Krupa and Parth were seemingly dancing in front of the camera and their joy really shines in the photos taken near the fountain and pond outside of the museum itself. The couple even posed surrounded by small jets of water that are near the larger fountain itself. The beautiful colors combined with the excellent lighting make these photographs unforgettable.

The photos themselves are even more playful as Parth lifts up Krupa all while surrounded by water, fountains, and under twilight sky that brings in a more magical feeling. Krupa and Parth also changed their outfits, but kept things casual which work well in contrast with the wonderful setting that was chosen. Their happiness and feelings for each other were on full display seen both up-close and framed amid their remarkable surroundings that reflected their love. Standing amid the many streetlights that were artfully placed makes for a glorious finish to the photo session.

The LA County Museum of Art (LACMA)

A cultural resource for all of Southern California, the LACMA offers many excellent exhibits for the public, but it is also a favorite place for engagement photo sessions. Thanks in large part to its marvelous grounds as you can see in the photos of Krupa and Parth, the LACMA provides happy couples with a wonderful place to make their engagement photos an incredible experience. Either your photographer or you can contact the LACMA to set a time for your photos to take place.

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