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Shamini and Raj were recently wed on a beautiful day in Southern California in front of friends and family who were all dressed in traditional Indian attire. The celebration began early with the arrival of both families and mutual friends who celebrated outside the BAPS Mandir even before the happy couple arrived.

The stunning view, palm trees, and the temple itself shined under the bright sun as the procession with Raj in the lead made its way to the wedding venue. His immaculate attire topped by a beautiful turban was almost as joyful as the look on his face as he made his way to the site. His bride Shamini was elegantly dressed in traditional attire and made for a stunning bride.

With Raj having performed his part of the ritual, Shamini made her way to the site. She was so radiant and her happiness filled the outdoor setting next to the temple. The happy couple performed their part of this, the most remarkable of all wedding ceremonies which follow the traditions of Indian culture amid the fanfare of friends, family, and the remarkable decorations which highlighted the event.

With the exchange of rings, the wedding ceremony was complete and next was a wonderful photo session that started with everyone in attendance, the immediate family of the bride and groom and finally Shamini and Raj sharing their love at this most extraordinary site.

The happy couple and those in attendance made their way to the Brandview Ballroom where the reception went into full swing. The incredible setting was wonderfully augmented with gorgeous decorations and the traditional attire that made it an event to remember.


The wedding was held in the stunning BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, located in Chino Hills, California, which is the first mandir built which is earthquake-proof. However, this traditional mandir that was completed in 2012 is also one of the most beautiful structures in the region. Using a solar power system, the mandir is very environmentally friendly particularly for its size. Crafted from Italian Carrera marble and Indian Pink sandstone, this impressive mandir served as the site for the union of Shamini and Raj.


After the wedding ceremony, the reception was held at the celebrated Brandview Ballroom in Glendale, California. A marvelous setting for the celebration that followed the wedding, the Brandview Ballroom is nearly a century old, but has been extensively updated and modernized to hold many different types of events including wedding receptions.

The Ballroom features an outdoor deck as well as an event area that served the reception quite well as the celebration went on into the evening. The beautiful gold leaf spiral staircase, the vast art deco designs from a bygone era, and the incredible ballroom itself only highlighted the beauty of the reception that the families and friends of Shamini and Raj attended.

The wedding of Shamini and Raj was an incredible event filled with the traditions of India amid the beautiful surroundings of the BAPS Mandir and the Brandview Ballroom that no one who attended will forget. It was perfect in virtually every way and created fond memories that will last a lifetime.

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